Jewish Educator Awards

Jewish educator awards lowell milken

The Jewish Educator Awards provide K-12 education professionals involved in the Jewish and secular education of BJE (Builders of Jewish Education)-affiliated day schools of Greater Los Angeles with public recogniztion and a significant financial prize.

The goals of the Jewish Educator Awards are:

  • To honor and reward outstanding Jewish day school educators for the quality of their teaching, their professional leadership, their engagement with families and the community, and their potential for even greater contribution to the healthy development of children.
  • To increase public support and recognition for Jewish day school educators who make outstanding contributions to the development of their students.
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of their role in the community and in society.
  • To encourage able, caring and creative people to choose the challenge, service and adventure of education as a career.

Each year, the Jewish Educator Awards offers four awards of $15,000 each to the educators who demonstrate excellence as teachers, administrators or other education professionals. The Jewish Educator Award recipients are selected by a committee consisting of educators, professional and lay leaders from the Jewish community who possess a long-standing concern for and involvement with Jewish school education.

New to the awards is a student essay prize. In 2010, the Jewish Educator Awards created a student essay component that awards two students, one in elementary/middle school and one in high school, with recognition and a financial prize for excellence in writing in the form of a school scholarship and recongition luncheon.

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