Lowell Milken Introduces NIET's "A Roadmap to Education Excellence"

April 24, 2020

20th anniversary magazine cover NIET


A Roadmap to Education Excellence: 20 Years of Results

Two decades of research and experience have proven the impact of great teaching. NIET's journey began as a bold idea by Lowell Milken to transform American education by elevating and prioritizing teacher excellence. Over the past 20 years, NIET's initiatives – rooted in the TAP System's principles of teacher leadership, professional learning, observation and feedback, and strategic compensation – have impacted more than 275,000 educators and 2.75 million students. NIET has also worked with over 75 colleges and universities to integrate those practices into educator preparation programs.

This special edition magazine tells our story using four pillars that have characterized our commitment to improving education: excellence, evidence, partners, and innovation. We encourage you to flip through the pages to read stories of NIET's partners, how this work has impacted K-12 education reform, and where we are headed next. View and print key features or download the full document below, and view a photo gallery here.

"Success can be achieved in every educational setting because it is led by educators who have the courage and conviction to do more, risk more, and share more. They are supported by leaders at the school, district, state, and university levels who help drive educational excellence and ensure measurable results. Only with these collective efforts can we create an education system characterized by highly effective teachers who are empowered to profoundly impact generations of students." 

– Lowell Milken, Chairman and Founder, NIET