Lowell Milken QUOTES



“Setting high standards and assessments is no longer an elective course. It's required by the marketplace, both here and abroad. And if the education establishment doesn’t set and enforce them, the business community will, perpetuating a long tradition of education's being reformed by external forces.”

“As exceptional educators, each of you has the power to accomplish extraordinary deeds to shape lives, and sometimes, even to save lives.”

"There is an equation at the center of the proposition of education that is as appealing as it is basic: All we have to do is think about what we want for every child, and we shall know what to provide every teacher—rich opportunities, high expectations, and sound preparation for the future. This is what every child needs and this is what all teachers deserve."

"The power of recognition is one of the strongest forces for stimulating human and social action. Yes, recognition is a powerful motivator—to those who receive it as well as those who observe it."

“As an educator for the past half-century, I have been witness to innumerable attempts by individuals and organizations, both inside and outside of the education community, to initiate reforms directed at the improvement of teaching and learning. Lowell ranks at or near the top of the list for those whose contributions have been the most successful and sustainable—a tribute to one of the most valiant, knowledgeable and committed individuals in America who has created an education system that serves both the young people who depend on it and the professionals who deserve it.”
- Former United States Deputy Secretary of Education Ray Simon