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"The only people who develop human potential and character as a calling are educators. This puts the men and women who become teachers and principals in a position of unique power for helping to secure the future."

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The Grand Opening of the Hall of Unsung Heroes

Lowell Milken shares his thoughts on the opening of the innovative new Hall of Unsung Heroes: "Thanks to the scholarship, resources, and creativity that will emanate from this new space and beyond, millions more students, educators and communities will have the opportunity to interact with us." 

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Advancing the Role of the Teacher Leader

"We must be able to put in place models in which teachers can grow professionally to reach their potential."

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Southport team with award

2016 TAP Founder's Award Goes to Southport Elementary School

Get an in-depth look at what earned this Indiana school a $50,000 award for excellence.

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Lowell Milken Institute Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs

April 12, 2016: After a public round of competition involving five finalist teams, a panel of distinguished judges announced that the 100K Lowell Milken Institute Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs was awarded to pasCARE, an innovative medical device startup.

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Lowell Milken Center Featured in Chicago Tribune

Reporter Lori Rackl covers the upcoming Grand Opening ceremonies for new museum at the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes...

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Making an Impact

Creating opportunities for people and communities to achieve excellence has been Lowell Milken's lifelong pursuit. At the crux of that pursuit and passion has been education reform. Through his business ventures and philanthropic efforts, Lowell has provided thousands of students with high-quality teachers, thousands of talented teachers with powerful opportunities for recognition, career advancement and professional growth, and hundreds of organizations with the ideas and resources they need to make a difference in the world.


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LMI Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs Awarded to Innovative Medical Device Startup

The Lowell Milken Institute Sandler Prize for New Entrepreneurs was awards to pasCARE, an innovative medical device startup.

Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken

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New Center for Unsung Heroes Grand Opening Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

Video Spotlight

TAP Educators Make A Distinct Difference by Lowell Milken

TAP in Focus VI features an essay by NIET Chairman and TAP Founder Lowell Milken on the distinct difference that TAP educators make in classrooms throughout the country.

Over the last three decades, I have visited thousands of classrooms and engaged in discussion with educators working in diverse communities across the nation. I have consistently seen what research and my own personal experience confirm: that the educator in the classroom is the most important school-based element in student learning growth...

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In The News

Rain Fails to Dampen Grand Opening

May 24, 2016
Fort Scott Tribune
Fort Scott, KS

Unsung Heroes Art Competition Awards $7,500 Grand Prize Announced

April 01, 2016
Lowell Milken Center for Unsung
Fort Scott, KS