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"The only people who develop human potential and character as a calling are educators. This puts the men and women who become teachers and principals in a position of unique power for helping to secure the future."

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Lowell Milken Receives One of Education's Most Prestigious Honors

The Education Commission of the States presents the 2017 James Bryant Conant Award to Lowell Milken at this year's National Forum on Education Policy.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Milken Educators

Highlights from three incredible decades of the nation's oldest teacher recognition program of its kind, The Milken Educator Awards.


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Advancing the Role of the Teacher Leader

"We must be able to put in place models in which teachers can grow professionally to reach their potential."

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Making an Impact

Named the 2017 James Bryant Conant Award recipient by the Education Commission of the States, Lowell Milken has dedicated his time, knowledge and resources to create opportunities for people and communities to achieve excellence. At the crux of that pursuit and passion has been education reform. Through his business ventures and philanthropic efforts, Lowell has provided thousands of students with high-quality teachers, thousands of talented teachers with powerful opportunities for recognition, career advancement and professional growth, and hundreds of organizations with the ideas and resources they need to make a difference in the world.

The question of how to enrich people's lives has been at the forefront of every endeavor that — be it business or philanthropic, local or national, social or economic — Milken Family Foundation Chairman (MFF) Lowell Milken has undertaken professionally and personally. 

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ArtCenter College of Design Announces Gift to Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

The Lowell Milken Family Foundation has donated an additional $2 million to the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography.
Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken
Lowell Milken

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Lowell Milken Accepts 2017 James Bryant Conant Award

Speaking at the Education Commission of the States National Forum on Education Policy, Lowell Milken accepted the honor of being name the 2017 James Bryant Conant Award recipient for his outstanding individual contributions to education reform. In his keynote address, he spoke of his appreciation to the Education Commission of the States, and emphasized his continued dedication to improve teacher quality and, in turn, increase student access to it: "Human capital is the beating heart of education. And developing strong human capital is not only the goal of education, it is the means to achieving that goal. For without vibrant, engaged, excellent educators, there is little chance of producing students with the same qualities."

Video Spotlight

TAP Educators Make A Distinct Difference by Lowell Milken

TAP in Focus VI features an essay by NIET Chairman and TAP Founder Lowell Milken on the distinct difference that TAP educators make in classrooms throughout the country.

Over the last three decades, I have visited thousands of classrooms and engaged in discussion with educators working in diverse communities across the nation. I have consistently seen what research and my own personal experience confirm: that the educator in the classroom is the most important school-based element in student learning growth...

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